Racism: The Absence of Good Christopher Handy Author
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Racism is a learned behavior. If you don't believe it, just watch little children and the way they interact before being taught by parents and others the differences between the races. For it was Jesus, the Son of God, who said that before we can get into heaven we must be as little Children, that is to stay humble, kind, quick to reconcile, loving, forgiving and caring. Racism: The Absence of Good is a collection of essays regarding the black experience in America and focuses on the trials and struggles of African-Americans. This e-book contains the author's opinions and facts resulting from countless hours of research on this plague that continue to invade our lives.The author's goal is to educate, enlighten, encourage, and improve the quality of life for African Americans, promote love and unity, and universal brotherhood among the races. Far too long the black community been degraded and the people dehumanized by an oppressor that care nothing for unity, love and universal brotherhood. Through this book the author's goal is motivate everyone to rid our society of this sore that continues to fester, and if we are not proactive it will one day erupt. As long as God is with us, we can never be defeated or discouraged.


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