TWICE UPON A TIME The Epic Novel Book One The Mass Arrival and the End of the Beginning Tommy Fraga Author
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CREATION vs. EVOLUTIONThe Fight is Finally Over!Erudite herein the most poignantly indubitable manifestation of the only syllogistic imputation to this titanic controversial rather puerile polemic.This Quadrilogy Also Uncovers The Ultimate Answer And Dialectic Truths About: Unidentified Flying Objects, Extra-terrestrial Aliens, Alien Abductions, The Gray’s, Close Encounters of Every Kind, Interstellar Space Travel, Interplanetary Space Travel, Traveling At Light Speeds,The Speeds Of Light, Traveling Through Time, Worm Holes, Multiple Universes, Life On Mars, Life On Other Planets, Mental Telepathic Communication, Telekinesis, The Roswell Incident & Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilations, Plato’s Atlantis, Lost Civilizations, Noah’s Flood, Peru’s Nasca Geoglyph Lines, Prehistoric Life On Earth, The Sahara Desert, The Garden of Eden, Prehistoric Humanoids, Ghostly Apparitions, Dinosaurs, And Many Other Mysteries.


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