Life On the Level: The Art of Biblical Balance Jon Lands Author
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Many years ago, the Flying Wallendas were performing with the Circus and were quite a attraction wherever they performed their high wire act. In one city in which they performed, the local weather reporter asked the patriarch, Karl Wallenda, May I give the weather report on the high wire? Karl agreed.The big moment came; the reporter stepped out, balanced, and gave a quick weather forecast. In an instant, the commercial break came and the reporter asked, Mr. Wallenda! How do I step back, right foot or left foot? In his haste to make high viewer ratings rather than be safe, the reporter was completely unaware of his new difficulty. Karl Wallenda said, Son, you can't back up—you have to step forward. The nervous reporter said, Mr. Wallenda, I can't do that; I have never walked the high wire, beside I am one step back from where I started. Wallenda said, You've got thirty-three steps in front of you and it is safer to take thirty-three steps forward than one step back. Don't be afraid, I'll be right behind you.The principle is true if you are going to live life on the level. Don't be afraid—and step forward. The Epistle of James teaches us about balance so we may walk forward with Jesus, no matter where He guides you. This book, and its study of James, will help you keep your balance as you walk across the high wire of the Christian life. Remember, it is easier to keep your balance walking forward rather than stepping backward. Can't you hear Christ whispering in your ear words of encouragement? Take another step and trust Him as you live Life on the Level.


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