If I Were President Barack Obama: Little Hunter's Dream Charles Thornton Author
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Summary: Hunter Mason is a ten-year-old kid who lives with his mother, Charlene Mason. Hunter lost his father when he was only seven years old and since then has found life more difficult than ever before. The most challenging part was never having his mother around as often as he would want, because of her job and going to school in the evenings.Before his father died, they’d spent many days out together. Hunter found that people were always questioning whether he was adopted or not. Hunter looked black but his father looked white, though they were both mixed with the two races. He does not face racism at school but he always felt the need to find out whom he really was. There was no one else like him at his school; therefore he could not find anyone who could understand his situation.A change came after Hunter’s class was given a school project on the National Constitution and was instructed to write about their favorite president and how he impacted them. Hunter’s mother took him to the National Constitution Center where he learnt about many of the presidents, including Barack Obama.He became fascinated with Mr. Obama’s story and decided to write about him. The experience also reminded him of a dream he had thrown away because everyone thought he couldn’t do it. He wanted to be president of his school’s students’ affairs club. Having learnt about President Barack Obama, he decided to pick up that dream and pursue it one more time. Hunter stood up for what he believed in, knowi


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