Heart Of Summer (The Brides Of Courage, Kansas, Book 4) Lenny Davis Author
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Heart of Summer (The Brides of Courage, Kansas, Book 4) – A Sweet Western Mail Order Groom Romance!Never judge a thing by its appearance! And especially not a person!Once stunning, but now broken by the attack on her person last year, young Vicki Smith doesn't entertain any hopes of ever attracting a man. When Joshua Piperis, a young man from New York City, agrees to become her mail order groom, she wonders what his motives are. Why doesn't he court a normal lady? Surely New York is full of eligible young women. Why didn't he choose one of them? Why her?Does this seemingly nice man carry secrets with him?Joshua Piperis doesn't put much stock in a lady's pretty face anymore, not after what he'd gone through. Instead, he prizes inner values more than outward beauty. He doesn't mind that his bride is damaged, as long as she is a good person.But just before he arrives in Courage, Kansas, he gets cold feet…When the two meet — under dramatic circumstances — both are in for quite a surprise.Rated G.Please check out the other books in the series. They are:Once Upon the Prairie, Book 1She Came one Winter, Book 2A Bride in Spring, Book 3Heart of Summer, Book 4Molly in Fall, Book 5


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