Beginners Guide To Creating a Business or LLC. Easy Step by Step Instructions with Links Mari Matos Author
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My Name is Marisel Matos. I recently graduated Magna Cum Laude, from Northwood University. I completed my four year degree in 2 years while carry a premed load as well. After spending months doing research, writing and gather information on how to start my businesses, I was frustrated at the fact that there was not one book that outlined the entire process start to finish. This frustration is what led me to this manual. I did not want you or anyone to go through what I had to.The purpose of this manual is to give you a guide line of how to start just about any business. For me personally, I am starting my home baked business in Maricopa County Az called Hill A Beans, and I have also started a non profit 501 C 3, Iempoweru.If you find that you are lost and swimming in the deep sea of rabbit holes, this manual is your lifejacket, with steps and links that will lead you to victory and is easy to read.In this manual you will find things I have found along the way, information and links that may help you on your journey to entrepreneurship. My goal in this manual was to make it short sweet to the point with links to appropriate sites.I feel that there are many more similarities than there are differences, as far as the steps to obtaining ones own business. This short manual is a good blueprint for most businesses.I hope that you find this to be of benefit for you.In the first few pages, I share about myself and my desired business. Please bear with me, as what I share is what I found worked for me.Happy Reading: May your hearts desires come to fruition with much success and happiness.


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