Survival Foods: A Guide To Selection And Storage M. Usman Author
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Table of ContentsPrefaceChapter 1 –IntroductionChapter 2 - Survival Foods That You Need by Your SideMRERiceBeansCornmealLardSaltSugarPastaPeanut butterChapter 3 - What not to storeTunaFlourSaltine and graham crackersBreakfast cerealsTomato itemsHome dehydrated foodsBottled salad dressingsChapter 4 - Storing your foodGround storageRoot cellaringChapter 5 - Methods of Food PreservationDehydratingCanningCommercially canned foodFrozen foodsChapter 6 - Survival in the WildernessUniversal edibility testTemperate zone plantsTropical zone food plantsDesert zone food plantsSeaweedsNorth African plantationConifersGrassesOaksPreparation of Plant FoodChapter 7 - Other sources of survival foodsInsectsAmphibiansFishBirdsSmall MammalsReptilesConclusionReferencesAuthor BioPublisherPrefaceLife as we know it is quite simple. We all have an organized structure in which we live in, and all our necessities are nearby. Humans require water and food, above all other commodities and necessities, to survive and in our natural habitat we do not worry about the provision of these items. A simple visit to the grocery store serves all our requirements.But, our job here is not to tell you the things you already know, but to prepare you for any hurdle that may come into this organized structure. Floods, earthquakes, or any other natural disaster may influence your life negatively and this book is all about helping you in picking the right food to survive in these circumstances. Panic is the first indication of losing it all. We want you to avoid that and the methodology is preplanning and awareness of disastrous situations.In this book, we initiate by advising you about the importance of planning ahead so that you do not feel that you are spending too much just for emergency situations. Shop side by side each time you visit the grocery store. We explain what you need and the shelf lives of the most important high quality survival foods. As we know it is human nature to make mistakes, we also advise you on how you may avoid the key ones in our section of what not to store.Lastly, we tend to the people stuck in the wilderness and give them key points on the identification of safe plants to eat and the gold universal edibility test. This book aims to educate you in choosing the best survival foods and storage instructions to protect you from adverse scenarios.


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