My First Book About Animals of North America Rachel Redden Author
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My First Book About Animals of North AmericaTable of ContentsIntroduction1. Large Mammals of Yellowstone2. Bighorns3. Coyotes4. Moose5. Wolves6. Cougars7. Elk8. Pronghorn9. Grizzly Bears10. Black Bears11. Bison or Buffalo12. White Tail Deer13. Skunks14. Raccoons15. Chipmunks16. Prairie Dogs17. Roadrunners18. Bald Eagles19. California Sea Lions20. Canadian GeeseIntroductionWhat Fun Are The Animals Of North America?There are several animals that are native to the great upper part of the Western hemi-shire. Yes, of course I am speaking of the land mass known as North America. When looking at all the animals that we have here now it can seem like they have been here forever, but that is not so. A lot of animals such as horses, pigs, goats, and cows came over to this country from Europe just like many of your families did a long, long time ago. There are some animals however that are native to this great country we call America.


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