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Just about that time, a blonde lady wanders into my hotel room. Oh, she's so embarrassed! She has been seeking a woman friend and she couldn't find her friend on floor six, so she just thought she would try floor five.Obviously I'm so stupid that I buy blondie's insane story. One thing leads to another and we take the elevator down to the bar.It seems that blondie has just broken up with her boyfriend and she's just sort of drifting aimlessly. I tell her that I'm in much the same circumstances and isn’t it strange that we should meet? Of course it isn't strange and either blondie is stupid or she thinks that I am, maybe both.In any case, we wind up back at blondie’s apartment where blondie ‘slips into something comfortable.’Something comfortable is a little bit of see-through lingerie that shows blondie’s big tits to advantage. The lingerie is also see-through enough that I'm also able to determine that blondie is a real blonde.Due to my dynamic personality and irresistible charm (never before noticed,) blondie and I wind up in her bed. I work out regularly and I'm very fit and very strong. By the time we strip, blondie has the kind of hot, wet pussy that you only find in the truly aroused or the kind of lady who knows how to prelube.I managed to make the fuck last a while and there’s a wonder. However, with blondie’s help I manage to fuck her into complete submission.Blondie gyrates like a hootchy koo dancer and I have to use all of my nine inches to establish control. Blondie can take my whole length and does so. She wants to get the fuck over with as quickly as practical, but I have other ideas.I maintain a slow, hard stroke and let blondie hit the finish line first. She damn near pulls me along, but I manage to resist and then begin to work blondie back up for seconds. Blondie tries every trick in the book, but I'm not exactly new to the game. By the time blondie has me ready to come, she's so far along that she has no control at all and we arrive at a shattering mutual orgasm. I roll off blondie and tell her that she has been fantastic. Afterward, blondie tolls over, cuddles to me and we sleep.Since blondie, or Nanci as she's called, has found her dream stud, I check out of my hotel room and move in with her the next day. Then we start to play house; just like in the bad movies.Since I'm a financial consultant, I need only a desk and my laptop computer to work. It just so happens that Nanci has a spare room and I'm able to set up my little office in there.What I do for a living is to offer my services as a financial consultant. I had explained this to Nanci, back in the bar. My specific job in San Diego is to develop a financially sound bid for a large building in the downtown business area. Of course, all of my work is secret and will be delivered only to my client Mr. Wannabe.Now, it's possible that Nanci isn't really a secretary, but a kind of secret agent for one Mr. Big. Mr. Big is a San Diego property developer, who's noted for never spending his own money for research when he can steal the needed data instead. As I said, it's possible that Nanci is a secret agent for Mr. Big. It's also possible that the law of gravity will work tomorrow. The probabilities for the two events are about the same.


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