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Travis Cole leads a quiet life. A ex-Air Force fighter pilot, and decorated hero of the Gulf war, he has mellowed into a comfortable existence running his rare book store in far north Houston. He buys and sell rare childrens books, hangs out with his Alsatian Lola, and occasionally dabbles in romance.One day his housekeeper confides that she is worried about her granddaugher Marisol. The teenager has been hanging out with gang known as the Nuestra Sangres. Travis knows these people are very bad news, and intervenes immediately, bringing the girl home.A few days later he gets the news that Marisol has disappeared completely, and begins to search for her.He enlists the aid of a gorgeous P.I. named Kim whom he's just met and kind of has a thing for. Kim's specialtly is tracking missing children and she lets him know that there is not a moment to lose in finding this girl. In a few days Marisol may be sold by the Nuestras to an organ harvesting organization.The two of them spring into action following the scant clues Marisol left behind.Non stop action and adventure as Travis and Kim battle the Nuestras to find and save Marisol.


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