I Spoke with Mama Africa: Children are the Treasure of Africa - CATTOA Peter Kalyabe Author
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The conversation you are about to encounter is an extraordinary experience that is destined to change the image of all children of African descent wherever they may be right now in this global society. It’s a conversation I've just had with my beloved Mama, Africa.I first visited the Western world in the summer of 2006 and what I saw, heard, read, and experienced made it clear to me that upon reaching home, I had to immediately knock on Maama’s door for a very serious dialogue.When She invited me in I immediately poured out to Her every bit of my bitter, unpleasant feelings and I asked all sorts of condemning and angry questions. I asked Her: What reasons do You have to explain why we've lagged behind in real development? Why us, Mama? Do You want to tell me that You don’t have an ultimate solution for all that has happened and is still happening to us? Do You? Huh? How come we are always being positioned outside the mainstream?Maama is wise. I was later calmed down and received the ultimate secret solution that She wants me to communicate for Her children to embrace. It’s the new art of African living.At first I thought that the secret would sound like an ancient eccentric code, but the strangest thing is that we've all thought about it at one time or another. In that sense, therefore, my Mama simply affirmed it: Children are the only true treasure of Africa. They are our only truth and the solution for all of our current and future challenges. Mama is 100% convinced that for Her to rise to Her rightful position of respect and honor, as it should be, we all must work together and heavily invest in the child of African descent.The good news is that Mama has enormous faith in the future and She is hopeful that the best things for people of African blood are yet to come. We just have to do as She says. We have to raise the African child following this defined way for this specific, decisive purpose. She is calling on you. Yes, you, to do the right thing for the bright future.In recording what we conversed about, I scribbled down what I could. If you listen well, you will not only meet practical solutions for your individual challenges but importantly and most emphatically, those of the entire African lineage.We may be surrounded by a lot of chaos and discouraging circumstances, but know this: Maama’s voice is clearly different and can be heard over everything, even when it’s just a whisper. Her voice is the ultimate truth. Listen to it, inside.Mama has always been speaking to us and you can accurately listen to Her through your deep feelings, thoughts, and experiences. These forms of communication express the full message in the most truthful manner. The words in here are not bad either but there’s an inherent limitation. “Words” are basically open to misinterpretation, disruption, alteration, and are often misunderstood. You may look at words as mere symbols and signs that stand in for the truth.That being said, Mama is always around in every molecule of air that we breathe. Let’s all call on Her. “Rise Mama. Rise Africa.” For this major objective of the blood of Africa, let’s join hands to develop and cherish a great sense of history in the making.


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