The Time Keeper's Dance Jackie Mason Author
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The second book in the series is a continuing story of good over evil.Jayden has survived being one of the undead, but what has she brought back with her? The group has gone on ahead. They believe they will never see Jayden again, but Catherine will help remedy that. They follow the trail markers of their friends and find them in a do-or-die situation. They have suffered along the way, but as they reunite, they become stronger. Enemies are destroyed, new members of the group family are taken in. And once more, they have to wonder who is worse: the humans or the shufflers. But there is something much more sinister in play: a spiritual enemy who will make itself known as Jayden's worst enemy. How far will Jayden and her group go to protect their own? After all is said and done, will she still believe that good can triumph over evil?


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