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How much time does your organization waste in unfocused, unengaging and unproductive virtual meetings?Virtual meetings are on the rise. Unfortunately, most meeting leaders don't know the strategies for executing masterful virtual meetings. As a result, most virtual meetings:•Don't start on time because people have difficulty with the technology•Don't have a defined purpose due to lack of preparation•Don't keep people engaged due to escalated multi-tasking•Don't address conflict because the leader often doesn't see the body language information that communicates silent disagreement•Don't deal with dysfunction because the meeting leader is distracted with the technologyCLICK for StrategiesCLICK: The Virtual Meetings Book provides meeting leaders with 60 comprehensive strategies for planning and executing masterful virtual meetings. In its twelve chapters, you'll find strategies and answers to these questions and more:•How do you keep engagement high in a virtual meeting?•How do you eliminate unnecessary virtual meetings?•What are the key features that differentiate various online meeting platforms?•How do you reduce the likelihood that your meeting will be derailed by technical issues?•What if only a few people are remote? Or, what if you, the meeting leader, are the only one remote?•How do you ask questions that receive lots of responses instead of that dreaded silence?•What are the common virtual meeting dysfunctions, and how do you prevent them?•How do you make sure you get quality results from every virtual meeting?Authors Michael Wilkinson and Richard Smith, leaders in the #1 meeting facilitation and facilitation training company in the US, show you how to deliver masterful virtual meetings, every time.


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