How to Avoid Being Stuffed with the Life You Don't Want!: how the global medical, pharmaceutical, processed and manufactured food industries screw our
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Arthritis induced Dry Eyes,Arthritis induced Dry Eye SyndromeArthritis induced Sjögren's SyndromeArthritis induced Gout -and for small measure,Arthritis induced Arthritis ~Relieved,Cured,Prevented,Here!Along withFood Intolerances,Dermatological Imbalancesand other 'AIDS-related incurable diseases'.Based on the clinical testing results of 35,000+ patients at my Softlens Practice in Soho London.No drugs -No chanting -No magic -No work with closed mind.From my 26 years of clinical and domiciliary experiences I know that Arthritis and Arthritis induced Dry Eyes, Dry Eye Syndrome and Sjögren's Syndrome are not caused by A I D S. This is no medically mystifying disease requiring billions of research dollars.In my Soho clinic during the 1980s and 1990s we prevented, relieved and cured Arthritis induced Dry Eyes daily - except Sundays and public holidays.It was no big deal like it is today.Had we realised then, that what we were dealing with was A I D S related, then we would probably have worn full rubber body suits and masks - and charged double, at least, for our services.


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