Forecasting the Great Depression Wong Y T Author
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The mystery of the Great Depression (1929-1932) is unraveled for the first time in plain language with no complicated mathematics and no abstract concepts. The root cause of the Great Depression for 3 years is explained and illustrated with Charts. I then analyze the soaring phase before the commencement of the October Crash of 1929. Exact timing of the turning point (from rally to collapse) is of crucial importance. Of no less significance is the 2-day precipitous decline of 28 and 29 Oct 1929 (stocks fall 12.82% and 11.73% respectively). Then stocks soar on 30 and 31 Oct 1929!This Analytical System is able to capture the gyrating market moves with precision, correct to the day. The predictive value of the System is demonstrated when similar patterns bring about the Fiscal Cliff of 2012.This book opens your eyes to new paradigm in stock market forecasting. It is a must read for investors and economists.


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