Ginseng & Ginkgo: The Wonder Herbs. Sara Khan Author
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Undoubtedly, the field of medicine has developed immensely in the twenty first century. There has been great advancements and influx of researches to cure almost every ailments and diseases. But the use of herb to cure different ailments is also an undeniable thing. Herbs are the pure and natural source to use with less, or almost no side effects. Consequently, people are more content to approach herbal treatments, rather than any surgeries and laser treatments or pharmaceutical drugs which are not only expensive but also contain side effects in later years.To keep in mind the demands and value of herbs in today’s world, this well researched e-book is produced to facilitate the readers with the information of some important herbs and compounds. Among the herbs and compounds discussed includes ginseng, ginkgo,panax, astragalus, guarana, acai berry, inositol and taurine.This book contains eight chapters on aforementioned herbs and compound, with all the important details, such as introduction, functions perform by each along with advantages and disadvantages, occurrences and forms etc. Although there are no such greater side effects of these herbs and compounds, however, there are some precautions which need to be taken into consideration. Furthermore, each chapter contains main headings and sub-headings with detailed information which would lay systematic and organized impact on readers mindMoreover, this book is relatively easier to comprehend than others in terms of language. In addition, there are different illustrations to evoke the interest of readers. Also at the end of each chapter there is a section of ‘key points’ with all important information regarding each herb and compound.By the end of this book, I assure you that you would be well- informed about these herbs and compounds.Good Luck!


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