The Fourth Northern Climate Zone: Preparing for the Next Age of Man Bob Stockdale Author
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Many questions arise out of our current plague of natural disasters. Why are there devastating tornados, ice storms, floods, fires and hurricanes in places and seasons where and when they had been virtually unheard of before now? Snow in Houston? Forest fires in January? Tornados in Louisiana? Why have we all but lost our spring and fall?In his fascinating book, author Bob Stockdale discusses these questions and many more. His concise, yet substantive accounts provide crucial insights into a range of topics, covering everything from climate change to birth control to “generation me.” Stockdale connects the dots between science and social behavior, providing new insight into the quintessential matters of our time. Whether he is discussing the possibility that an ice free Arctic ocean will create a fourth northern climate zone, the Pandora’s box we’ve opened in the digital age, the consequences of the human community’s energy addiction, or the fact that we are rapidly losing the ability to feed ourselves, the author lays it all out in a way that is thought provoking and captivating for laymen and scientific minds alike.


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