The Shuffler's Dance Jackie Mason Author
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Jayden Newberry is very creative when she retaliates against her cheating husband. She needs a life-changing event but she isn't expecting it to come in the form of an apocalypse. The wind carries whispers and acidic rain, and it is the end of life as Jayden and her group of survivors know it. Staying alive is of paramount importance, especially when family, friends, and strangers alike are either turned into shuffling dead things or outright killed when the event happens. Not only are the shufflers a deadly force to be avoided or destroyed, the group soon learns that not all humans are like them. Some have found the new world an opportunity to openly do what their sadistic minds only dreamed of before. Jayden and her group retain their humanity but they search for a safe haven to start over. There are a few ideas on the table, and right now, anything that gives them refuge from their dangerous world is worth considering. Jayden believes she knows what caused the end of the world. She knows it on a very deep, instinctual level. But knowing it is not the same thing as understanding it. And it does not matter who believes. The whispers will never give up their secrets. And Jayden is at risk of losing more than she ever would have imagined.


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