Call of Destiny: The Elemental Guardians Trilogy - Book 1 C.J. Greay Author
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Ethan Parker is a typical sixteen-year-old from Florida who moves to the small east Texas town of Pine Creek to live with his great Aunt Julia and finish high school. There he becomes fast friends with Rance Jennings. Neither boy can know how their lives will become interwoven in a most unusual way.The two friends sneak into the forbidden carriage house where they discover their true identities, and their involvement in a battle for a world they never knew existed.As if that’s not enough, now there are otherworldly enemies who want them dead, or worse. What should they do? Can they refuse to accept what has already been predestined, and ignore the inevitable?If Ethan and Rance decide not to follow their destiny, what repercussions will there be for them, and for those who are depending on them?


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