A Spanking For Teacher CJ Edwards Author
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Sarah's heart sank as she listened to the Headmaster's words. Her private little seduction of Stacie, the delicious young single mum hadn't been so private after all - he knew all about it. She faced the choice of being sacked on the spot or submitting to corporal punishment at the hands of the PE teacher. On top of that, she was absolutely desperate to go to the loo!Extract:As she sat waiting, Sarah began to regret wearing the bright blue, stretchy jersey dress she had decided upon that morning. It was just a little short to meet the strict headmaster’s high standards but then she hadn’t expected to be summoned to his office that day. As she sat waiting to be called in, on a chair that was several inches too low, she could feel the hem working its way up her thigh. She crossed her legs and that immediately made matters a lot worse. All that fidgeting around made her aware that her bladder was pretty full and she also regretted not remembering to have a wee. Considering whether she could quickly nip away, she glanced at the clock and saw it was already twelve minutes past. Knowing her luck, she would be called in as soon as she left and then there would be hell to pay.


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