The Wonder of Stonehenge: A 15-Minute Strange But True Tale, Educational Version Melissa Cleeman Author
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Stonehenge has been surrounded by mystery and wonder. There have always been questions about where these massive stones came from. How did they get there? Do they hail from a magical world of giants and wizards, or are they man made? And then there's the most important question: what is their purpose?Many theories have been put forward to answer these questions. Even with all the evidence discovered, will we ever really know? Whatever the answers may be, there is one thing we know for sure: Stonehenge is one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world.The three most popular theories for why Stonehenge exists are: that it was a temple to worship ancient earth deities; that it was a giant calendar used to predict the sun and moon cycles; and, finally, that it was a sacred burial site.We will explore these three theories, diving into the evidence discovered for each possibility. Buckle up – this could get rocky!Find out about this strange, place and what it might have been used for in the fun, fact-filled, 15-minute book.Ages 8 and up.Educational Versions include exercises designed to meet Common Core believes in the value of children practicing reading for 15 minutes every day. Our 15-Minute Books give children lots of fun, exciting choices to read, from classic stories, to mysteries, to books of knowledge. Many books are appropriate for hi-lo readers. Open the world of reading to a child by having them read for 15 minutes a day.


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