Life Lessons from Motorcycles: Seventy-Five Tips for Being in Balance Liz Jansen Author
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Look no further than motorcycles for life lessons on balance. When you’re out of balance on two wheels, the feedback is immediate and the consequences are real. Learning how to achieve balance in your life is every bit as important as learning to stay upright on a motorcycle.Maintaining a healthy life balance helps you heal energetically, emotionally, and physically, and helps you live life to the fullest. Knowing how to stay in balance allows you to change how you live and die. Balance promotes happiness, strength, and clarity, and leaves you feeling energized and productive. Understanding that and achieving it are often two different things.Balancing all aspects of life can be tricky. How do you balance challenging yourself intellectually with carving out time for your mind to rest? How do you balance giving and receiving love? How do you balance fulfilling social needs with the need for time alone? How do you push yourself to achieve work goals without forfeiting time for physical exercise or spiritual time?The outcomes of being off-kilter on life’s Road can be harder to recognize and take longer to become apparent than does being out of balance on a motorcycle. Left untreated, they are equally as disruptive. Not responding to messages from your body and your intuition depletes your energy and leaves you tired and feeling ineffective. Left unchecked for long enough, it increases the potential for developing an illness or having an accident.Life lessons on balance from motorcycle riding are vivid, forthright, and plentiful. Apply them in life as you would on a motorcycle—with skill, insight, and a sense of adventure.


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