Let's Travel In India, China, Russia & Bhutan James David Author
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The world is filled of miracles, some miracles are man-made and some are natural. It has always have been a born desire of a man that he should always do something new and discover new things. This instinct of man has made our world full of amazement. There are innumerable people who are interested in knowing about the details of these wonders along with knowing about its establishment. This e-book has been basically written in context to overcome to curiosity of the people who want to know all about the wonders. In this e-book there are 35 man-made wonders of India, China, Russia & Bhutan along with natural wonders described in detail. Along with description the pictures would make the readers to have an interactive feeling with these wonders. We hope that this e-book would help the readers to have their journey of all the major wonders of the world.


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