Search for the Witch: Soulyte 2 Eve Hathaway Author
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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, The Splicers, The Night Sculptor, Blood Waters, Requiem for a Dream, and The Taken. And now, here's Soulyte...He's a hero - that's a givenTHIS NEW CHALLENGE REWARDS NOT NAME BUT WORTHCyrus is now a true Hero, having defeated a wicked beast and freeing a city of its tyranny. But now a new quest presents itself to the duo—the quest to break Magdeline’s curse.They set off into the Forest, where countless monsters lurk, to search for the witch who is responsible for Magdeline’s distress. The Forest has been turned black by the curse swiftly running down the countryside from unknown depths to the north, destroying any vegetation it touches.Cyrus can overcome the evil that resides in the Forest but can he overcome his fear of the female variety? And can Magdeline learn to look past her own selfish nature and care for someone other than herself? Both must learn to accept each other’s company and recognize their own faults in order to survive in this second installment of the Soulyte series.If you wish to read more, download now!FREE BONUS FOR YOU AT THE END OF THE BOOK!EXCERPTHis legs shook so much he was afraid of collapsing and wondered why he hadn’t already. His pants pulled at the wounds beneath the fabric and he felt the painful throb of his muscles with every heartbeat. Magdeline had rolled closer to the hearth when he had tripped over her; even her white hair looked dull in the darkness. She tossed and turned violently.“She can’t overpower my magic in there,” Daphne mused. “It was lucky for you that your Soulytes are entwined enough that she was able to break into your consciousness to begin with.”Black dots spotted Cyrus’s vision. The witch looked down at him pitifully when the weight was too much and he fell to his knees, sword striking the ground.“She needs… to overpower your magic?” he gasped, holding his arm.“That’s right.”Cyrus was close enough to the fallen woman that he could touch her if he wanted to. Her cries were muffled as she fought the witch in her dream. It was strange to see her covered in soot and dirt and for a moment, he forgot she was his companion. He forgot that she was a self-absorbed albeit beautiful woman that had led him into such dangers. To him at that very moment, she looked only like a helpless girl trapped, needing a Hero. As the blackness threatened to take him again for what might have been the final time, he leaned down and kissed her of his own accord.“Good luck,” he whispered, closing his eyes against the light that emanated from her body.Other Titles in the Series:1 - Journey to the Forest3 - Pursuit of the Cursed4 - (Coming Soon) Quest to the EndDownload and discover why readers are raving about Eve Hathaway.Scroll up and get the book now!


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