Beyond Bonded, A Blood Ties Novel, Book 2 Kalalea George Author
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I dreamed of his face and his body for the past several years. I dreamed more than once in my life that he would be the mated I mated with and had cubs with. I was so shocked to see him standing in front of me in person that I was unable to move a single muscle. I couldn't even twitch. He was exactly as I dreamed he would be. He looked like a man in his mid twenties, firm well developed chest muscles. Slim waist and firm full thighs and backside. He was tall but not too tall maybe five foot ten. He had short cropped light brown hair and the stormiest blue gray eyes I'd ever seen.He was handsome for a human, but what struck me dumb as dirt was the smile that started in his eyes and moved down his face until he had the appearance of being lit with pure pleasure from the inside out.I felt my fears slide from me as he reached out to touch my skin. Somehow I recognized this human, and he recognized me. We would not have issues communicating. He understood exactly how I felt. I felt his hand briefly touch the side of my face and couldn't help but shudder from the overwhelming warm safe sensation it caused. I'd spent the better part of my life running from one threat or another. Constantly worried about the danger around the next corner. For some reason in this minute my only fear was that I was still dreaming.


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