Forever Mine, A Blood Ties Novel, Book 3 Kalalea George Author
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I felt myself lifting out of my body. I looked down and realized that my body was emerged in a bloodbath literally, not physically. I felt myself flinch in horror. Eww that is nasty was all that I could think. I walked out of the bathroom and started to move room to room looking for the woman and my baby.I finally walked into a room and saw two angels sitting with each other in a warm comfortable setting. It was something straight out of a book. I could only imagine how god must think it awful that something as hideous as me would be in the same room as all of their perfection.She was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful just like the woman who stole my baby, but he was beyond words. He was simply to gorgeous to describe. He made a noise and I decided to walk closer to him. I placed myself directly in front of him then gave him a really good look over. Then without my consent I actually blurted out the wordsWow you are very very handsome. Maybe, you are even more handsome than my Joel.I suddenly felt very ashamed of saying something like that. Joel meant the world to me and no one could be as handsome as him but then again he is an angelI couldn't help wondering what an angel would feel like and I allowed my hand to touch the side of his cheek. It was like a thousand tiny fireflies all lit up inside of me at the exact same moment. I was unprepared for the feeling and quickly pulled my hand back.Oh my, I hadn't expected that at all. I said, then I reached out and touched the angel again.I allowed the feelings of pleasure to wash over me for just a moment before I was assaulted by guilt and realized that while I needed to heal and care for my son, I didn't need to have or experience pleasure while doing it. So I moved away from the angel with the intention of leaving the room. Just as she got to the door I couldn't stop myself for saying wistfullyYou know you would be a better angel if you could talk to me. I need help and have no one to ask I heard the angel respondSophia, I can help you. Please tell me what you need and let me prove I will do anything for you


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