The Guardian Saga Trilogy Sonya Lee Author
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Yellow Eyes (Book One of the Guardian Saga)Katrina Castillo is a graduate student at State University in Chicago, Il. when she finds herself in an unbelievable nightmare. She wakes in the middle of the night to sounds in her apartment and barely escapes before it goes up in flames. When the police and fire departments arrive they make a grisly discovery. Now Katrina is homeless and on the run from unknown forces. It seems that every step she makes only keeps her one step ahead of those after her. The hunt is on! Can the police keep Katrina safe from those bent on her destruction? Or will even more mysterious individual prevail on the hunt for Katrina Castillo.Menacing Eyes (Book Two of the Guardian Saga)In book two Katrina is slowly getting her life back together. She has a new roommate and the press has stopped hounding her concerning her best friend's death. Just when she's learning to deal with all that has happened to her, she is attacked one day while shopping. This first attack will lead to many others and the discovery of a secret that her parents have had for more than twenty years. Katrina struggles to deal with secrets held by her parents and other catastrophic events. Will the truths that she learns help heal or destroy an already fragile heart.Dead Eyes (Book Three if the Guardian Saga)In book three Katrina has learned of her past and is working to help others lead a more productive life. She is looking forward to her twenty-fifth birthday, when she no longer has to look over her shoulder. As she nears that day, strange things begin to happen to her and her roommate Allison. Will she make it to that all important date in her life or will the threat that has been hounding her finally win in the end?


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