Healing Personal Depression And Anxiety For Good Jasenn Zaejian Author
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‎ Throughout the author's career as a clinical psychologist and well trained ‎psychotherapist, ‎he ‎has seen people struggling with depression and anxiety, often without an ‎understanding that ‎they ‎can heal themselves. As a consequence, many have been driven to take ‎on the ‎extravagant ‎expense of seeing biological psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and ‎other ‎mental health ‎professionals. After many months of medication or psychotherapy ‎costing ‎thousands of dollars, ‎research demonstrates the results using self-help procedures, at ‎minimum ‎expense, are often ‎equivalent or more effective. These disturbing facts motivated the ‎author to ‎illustrate how self-‎healing of depression and anxiety can be easily and effectively ‎accomplished, ‎with a minimum of ‎effort and expense.‎Keep in mind that the mental health industry is a multi-billion dollar ‎business, ‎providing ‎many with a comfortable life style. Many professionals, including most ‎treatment ‎facilities, provide treatment from a narrow perspective, confined by their learned ‎theoretical ‎constructs. This is one factor accounting for the relative lack of success and reported ‎low healing ‎rate when people engage in treatment, whether it is provided from a psychologist, ‎psychiatrist, or ‎other professional. ‎The main stream mental health ‎professions of psychiatry and psychology, supported by ‎the ‎media, promote the claims that ‎depression is an illness or mental disease and persistent ‎anxiety ‎is a sign of mental illness. ‎There is no science supporting these false claims that ‎depression is a ‎‎disease. Anxiety, on the ‎contrary, is a normal and helpful human function. ‎While anxiety may ‎arise when individuals are ‎distressed, it is not a signifier of a mental disease ‎or mental illness. ‎Depression is cited as the most prevalent form of mental ‎illness. Anxiety underscores ‎most ‎psychological problems. Depressed and anxious individuals engage in expensive ‎treatment, ‎oftentimes for years, with limited results. This is of great concern, especially when ‎research has ‎indicated self-help procedures are equally or more effective than seeing a ‎psychologist or ‎psychiatrist. ‎This book defines depression and anxiety from a number of perspectives. The use ‎of ‎helpful ‎anecdotes illustrates how each perspective relates to different aspects of life ‎and ‎functioning, ‎including relationships. Easy to learn exercises are offered for the reader to ‎practice. ‎An ‎understanding of communication styles and techniques, drawn from diverse ‎practices, ‎including ‎traditional psychotherapy, existential psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, ‎energy ‎psychology, ‎biophysical psychotherapy, easy-to-learn yoga and meditation postures, and ‎nutrition ‎are ‎presented. Approaches proven effective and researched for thousands of years, ‎derived from ‎the ‎non-spiritual aspects of Tibetan Buddhist psychiatry practices and Auyurvedic ‎healing ‎are ‎presented. ‎Taking advantage of the e-Book format, all references are hyperlinked to internet ‎sites ‎with ‎books, papers, teaching videos and podcasts to enhance and expand upon the learning ‎of ‎these ‎strategic approaches.‎Healing Personal Depression And Anxiety represents a condensation ‎of ‎the ‎research and practice literature on self-healing, in a relatively brief, but well ‎documented ‎book, ‎teaching the skills and practices proven to resolve the problems of depression ‎and anxiety.‎


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