7 To Live Again Jay Michael Jones Author
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In Book Seven of the Flight of the Armada series, Acting Warrior General Hartin Medina struggles with guiding the wounded fleet, conducting affairs of state and guarding against the machinations of sour elements among the population, all while being followed by mysterious ships with whom they cannot communicate. King Stuart Phillipi is trapped on Earth, unable to risk finding surviving Thuringi along the wormhole traces without alerting the Shargassi to their survival, or risk losing his outpost to the increasing attacks by the “other aliens” on Earth which they call the Ossili. Gareth Duncan and the Lost Crew of the Solenil remain as slaves forced to perform humiliating and often dangerous tasks for the Gharadee world. Yjarnnah and Oriel begin to discover who they are on the planet Senga. Earthian psychic Curtis Garrison is freed from a mental hospital and ready to help the Thuringi, but he fears the critical time to help them might be past. Glendon continues to fall in love with the bewitching Chassiren guest, Sara. Darien makes allies with a young Thelan and a rebellious D’tai as he outwits the Gharadee and the Shargassi, and Maranta Shanaugh’s decision changes the course of Thuringi history once more.


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