57 Ways to Wealth in the Worst Economy Since the Great Depression: Small Business Ideas With Big Potential Iam Farinwell Author
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The big bad down-turn in the economy means good news to author Iam Farinwell who argues that the shake up will wake up the American people to their ability to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and blaze their own path to wealth and prosperity. 57 small business ideas are presented with a call to focus one's efforts on projects that will make them money, even while they are sleeping.The days when one worked for a company for thirty years and then collected a pension are gone and in some cases, even the pension is gone, because the company has filed for bankruptcy. Businesses are shedding jobs left and right and the number of unemployed continues to grow. Bad news? Yes, but it means that it is a good opportunity for people to think about how to invest their time. Should they really be building empires for others?Perhaps it is time to build their own empire...Iam Farinwell argues that there has never been a better time to start one's own business, but if one is wise, they will choose businesses that are not so tied to their own available hours to work that if they are laid up or on vacation the funds dry up. This selection of 57 business ideas are oriented around the acquisition of assets that can be leveraged for ongoing sources of revenue.Farinwell insists that his is not a 'get rich quick' book, and that the vision he lays out and the methods he describes will be hard work. But if you're going to work hard, he says, you may as well work hard on something that will last beyond you and will continue to generate income, even while you are doing something else.


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