Tales From The End Christopher J. Fraser Author
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End of the line. Amidst a backdrop of apocalypse, the characters in Tales From The End struggle with the slow breakdown of the sanity of the world around them, along with their own delicate minds. It sweeps across the globe, plunging us into unfamiliar settings and placing us face to face with the only people left alive to tell the often-touching, sometimes-gruesome and always downright absurd story. Included: the moment when a whole town lost their eyes, a man whose body becomes a bomb scare, two blood-powered robots at the heart of a volcano, the disgruntled employee of a bubble factory, the dark underbelly of the consumer electronics industry, an exposé of post-apocalyptic prostitution, long-dead Hollywood actors screaming their way across Mumbai, ominous, hovering sanctuary ships gliding above Africa, and the botched teleportation of a dead stork. Ladies and gentlemen: if they haven't slipped off to another dimension, fasten your seatbelts....


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