Natural Asthma Remedies Anonymous Author
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Table of ContentsIntroduction Asthma might be simple to define, but…Asthma is more complex than it might first appear…Known inflammatory triggers Asthma symptom triggers…The list is long, but it could be longer…Can asthma be cured? Treating asthma with drugs is a two-stage process Long term asthma control drugs What they are and how they work…The side effects of each…Where natural treatments begin to fit into the picture ‘Quick fix’ asthma drugs Defining well controlled asthma Using a peak flow meter Spirometry Other asthma control factors to considerChanging your lifestyle might be the first thing to consider Common natural asthma treatments MultivitaminsHoney Garlic Apple cider vinegar Eliminate dairy produce Eliminate wheat (gluten) based products Drink black coffee Take cold showers Herbs for fighting asthma A natural asthma diet plan Less common natural asthma treatments Halotherapy or speleotherapy Marine phytoplankton Adopting a homeopathic approach to treating asthmaConclusion


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