PAST LIVES OF STAR PEOPLE: A True Account Of How A Metaphysician Learned To Do Psychic Readings For Extra-Terrestrials GEORGE SCHWIMMER PH.D. Author
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COMPLETELY TRUE: EMBODIED STAR PEOPLE, PAST LIVES, AND MOST UNUSUAL PSYCHIC READINGS. A book of 27, 200 words.When George Schwimmer, Ph.D. decided to take a week-long course in psychic development, he didn’t know what was waiting for him down the road. Almost immediately, his practice psychic readings began to focus on people’s past lives, and right along with that came information that some of the people he was reading for not only had past lives, but had originally come from other star systems in the universe – some when Earth was newly formed.One weekend he was invited to Connecticut to do readings for eight people, seven of whom, it turned out, were star people. Included in the group were: Rod from Orion – Doreen the transducer from Arcturus – Cara the enveloper from the spatial realm – Paula from the crystal realm (materialized full-grown in 300 B.C. Greece, later a friend of Jesus) – Leslie from Alpha Centauri, and others. Each off-planet entity had a story, and each brought specific energies to help mankind make a leap in consciousness. All had the ability to pop in and out of time, since Earth is the only place where time exists. This is one of the most fascinating accounts of star people embodied in humans. You will learn things about the universe that you’ve never read about before.


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