7 Deadly Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Car Crash Case Paul Mankin Author
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Many things can go wrong after a car accident. It’s not enough that you’ve been hurt in the accident through no fault of your own, now you have to worry about whether you’ll be getting fair and full compensation for your injuries and how the injuries have disrupted your life. What happens next is vitally important to the outcome of your personal injury case. It’s what you do – and, surprisingly enough, what you don’t do – during this crucial time frame that can make the difference between a getting the compensation to which you are entitled and getting nothing except a mountain of medical bills, physical or emotional pain and maybe even lost wages.Beverly Hills, California-based attorneys Paul Mankin and Todd Friedman have built a solid, well-respected law practice representing victims of vehicle-related accidents. Their new book, 7 Deadly Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Car Crash Case, explains everything you need to know – from gathering important information at the scene of the accident and not giving the insurance company a recorded statement without your attorney present, to how a police report can show that you were not at fault and why getting medical attention is more important than you realize.Mistakes happen. But in your personal injury case, there is no room for error. Let Attorneys Paul Mankin and Todd Friedman guide you through the often confusing maze of personal injury law to fair and full compensation. You deserve nothing less.


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