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Watching movie in a theater might be enjoyable, but may be costly. And the experience mightalso be irritating, if the crowd that you are sitting with is unruly and boisterous. When you go to a theater you spend quite a good amount of money, to relax, and to be at peace.But, the whole fun is spoiled when people sitting behind talks or their mobile phone starts ringing. To my mind, when one goes to a cinema either the cell phone must be switched off or put on silent mode or, one should better watch the movies when it is available on cassette.Why there should be a surround system in the house?Thanks to surround sound technology, today people prefer to watch cinema at home without leaving the comforts of the house, and completely at peace with oneself. Instead of wasting their precious time and hard earned money by going to a theater, people turn their homes into theater. Surround sound serves two purposes, it makes movie watching a happier experience and if you are not an avid movie watcher, it amplifies the experience of watching television.How to make your home a theater?Making surround sound is not that expensive. It can be started in a small way and as money comes you can update it. Always go for a few expensive, branded, speakers than go for too many inexpensive, local products. If you maintain quality from the beginning, you will be happier in the long run.Table of Contents:Are You Ready For Surround Sound?Basic Components For A Home Theater Building A Great Home TheaterBuilding A Home Theater On A Budget Box Kit Home TheatersDIY Surround SoundGive Your Children The Gift Of A Surround Sound Media Center Pieces Parts Components And Sound Professional Installation Or Sweat Equity?Saving Money On Your Surround Sound System Selecting The Right SpeakersSurround Sound PossibilitiesThe Great Installation Debate Why Surround Sound?Home Theater- Make It Worth Even With A Small Budget!Do Not Make Hasty Decisions While Buying A Home Theater!Home Theater- Bring Movie Theaters Home!Home Theater For Small Spaces Get The Most Useful Tips From Home Theater Magazines Planning For A Home Theater Home Theaters- Use Projectors To Get Movie-Theater-Like FeelComplete Your Home Theater Setup With Home Theater Seating Home Theater Speaker Basics Proper Seating Key To Home Theater EnjoymentSetting Up A Surround Sound System, Even On A Tight BudgetSpace Saving Surround Sound Solutions


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