What Do You Know About Niall Horan? The Unauthorized Trivia Quiz Game Book About Niall Horan Facts T.K. Parker Author
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Question:As of 2012, does he have a girlfriend?Who is Horan’s celebrity crush?Which cellphones does he use?If he was stranded on a deserted island, what things would he like to be with him?Which politician is he obsessed with?Answer:Barack ObamaHoran owns a life-size model of the US president. He is also very impressed by his wife Michelle, who he describes as “amazing-looking”.What do you know about Niall Horan?Diddly SQUAT, that’s what!I have one quest in mind.To challenge and break you with the hardest question you will ever face!These questions are for the brave-hearted and the strong.So, ONLY buy if you're up to the challenge!Only enter if you dare...


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