1980 MemoryFountain Music: Relive Your 1980 Memories Through Music Trivia Game Book Call Me, Another Brick In The Wall, Magic, and More! Regis Presley
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Escape the anxieties of everyday life by reliving your forgotten memories from 1965!Take a trip down memory lane with MemoryFountain Music Trivia, optimized for HD viewing on browser-enabled devices!Music Back to1980: MemoryFountain Music Trivia• Which was the only Kool And The Gang song that topped the American charts?• Which song by AC/DC was released as a tribute to Bon Scott, their lead singer? This song has the lyrics, “Forget the hearse ‘cause I never die”.• Which was Diana Ross’ greatest hit song as a solo artist? This song was written and produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers.• Which song by The Police won the Grammy award for the Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Group in the year 1981?• Which Ozzy Osbourne song was used in the Mitsubishi car commercials? This song was written by Ozzy and the music was given by Randy Rhoads.How does it work?Since music is associated to memory you will experience a wide array of emotions as you enjoy this book. If you want to experience fond, even forgotten memories, trigger it back through MemoryFountain music trivia questions!In order to help define the wide array of emotions, we’ve distinguished these emotions into colors. Sometimes it will be funny like the color yellow, cool like blue, dramatic like black, or even passionate like red. Each question is answered with a splash - a splash of refreshing memory. You won’t be able to help but to smile and because you’ve found a memory you’ve forgotten about, as well as picking up plethora of fascinating facts you didn’t know about.If you value memories, this trivia book will be an invaluable treasure for you!*Optimized for HD viewing on browser enabled devices (iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, etc)


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