Obamacare: What's In It - Topical Index to the Obamacare Law James Hill Author
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Obamacare--What's In It: Topical Index to the Obamacare Law is a truly unique ebook containing:• the complete text of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). • a 2000-line topical index with links directly to the text of the law. • a clear organization of the massive law into topics and subtopics • terminology that makes it possible for lay persons to read in the actual law themselves. • a revealing of the details of the law. • an uncovering of the “hidden” or largely unknown provisions in the law that are not found in summary commentaries of the law. Because of the way Obamacare-What’s In It has been organized, readers will only have to spend a few hours with the 2000-line index, after which they will develop an awareness of most of the details of this law. Many important provisions covered in this book are not being discussed in the leading commentaries on Obamacare. Several of the commentaries give a good overview of the law, but not of the details. The Affordable Care Act has hundreds of sections that contain approximately two-thousand subsections. Obamacare – What’s In It contains a description of the contents of each of the subsections of the law in detailed, plain English. The book organizes the law into 40 common healthcare topics. Each topic contains numerous subtopics with short descriptions of each subtopic in plain English. The details of this law can only be found in the law itself and not in a commentary. Now anyone can quickly and easily be brought up to speed on the contents of Obamacare.The author, James W. Hill, has been an attorney for twenty-five years.


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