The Secret's Secret: How to Improve Your Life Using “The Real Secret” An Interview With Dr. John Demartini Michael Senoff Author
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It may seem like life just comes easy for some people. They land deals with ease, make a six-figure income without really trying, and live their lives like they’re on vacation. Believe it or not, you can have that too. And this interview is just the place to start. In it, you’ll meet Dr. John Demartini. Dr. John is an inspirational speaker who has authored more than 40 books, has appeared on more than 1200 radio and TV talk shows, and speaks 300 days a year across the globe. As a teacher, healer and philosopher, he created his own self-help technique called the Demartini Method. Based on Quantum Physics, this highly acclaimed method is currently being studied and practiced worldwide. Dr. John is also known for his appearance in the wildly popular film “The Secret.”The big secret in “The Secret” is to use the law of attraction to bring positive outcomes to your life. According to Dr. John, this law of attraction can be used to help your relationships, business or even wealth. And in this interview, you’ll hear ways to do that. But Dr. John says his main message as a speaker is to let people know that no matter what they’ve done or not done, they are worthy of love and can live amazing lives. You’ll also hear…* Why having one-sided expectations of yourself and others could be holding you back from achieving your goals and reaching your potential* How using the Demartini Method can cut through your baggage and help you lead a balanced life* How having both a gratitude and a goal list has helped Dr. John achieve his success and how you can use those lists in your life too* What three books Dr. John recommends that could change your life* Ideas on how to have financial masteryAccording to Dr. John, people fall into problems when they try to project their values onto others. Instead, he says, we should be trying to find out what other people’s values are in order to attempt to meet their needs because “selling is never telling; it’s always asking.”This interview is all about ways you can realize your potential, reach your goals and achieve the positive results you want in all avenues of your life, not just business. Enjoy.


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