It's Your Way, Or The HI Way: The 5 Ways High Impact Leaders Excel Brian S. Kagan Author
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THE FIVE CHARACTERISTICS OF HIGH IMPACT (HI) LEADERS1. HI Leaders have PRESENCE.2. HI Leaders have VISION.3. HI Leaders have CAPACITY.4. HI Leaders have RESOURCE.THE 5 WAYS HIGH IMPACT LEADERS EXCEL:1. PRESENCE2. VISION3. CAPACITY4. RESOURCE5. TRIGGERToday’s Business Drivers Are Taking Different Roads To Success. You, Too, Can Drive The HI (High Impact) Ways To Powerful Results.Business leaders continually seek new ways to drive their organizations: managing countless habits, moving cheese, chasing hedgehogs, tossing fish or tipping points over and over. It’s Your Way, or the HI Way offers leaders an on-board GPS for driving their organization toward high impact, enduring success. It will help you steer better and give you a real feel for handling the road. Just like a GPS, It’s Your Way, or the HI Way does not tell you where you want to defines the optimal course to follow to reach your chosen destination.


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