Rending Skies / 2012 Jean Brown Author
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The Faulkner family’s lives have changed for the better since the Black Day in 2010. As horrible as that day was, the family reunited and formed a close bond even the curse couldn’t rescind -until the day before Billy, Robert’s youngest deceased son’s birthday. They all felt a sense of trepidation due to the eve of Billy’s birthday. As the obscure evening of December 17, 2012 advances, each family member comes to realize the curse is back to seek retribution by claiming their bloodline.Robert Faulkner became rich at the young age of ten. He became the sole heir to the Faulkner fortune - millions in stock, bonds, bank accounts, investment properties throughout Zincbeck and a large track of land that surrounds more than half of Durga Lake where the old house he lived in for the first ten years of his life stood abandoned. For more than five decades, he never touched the money, desperately wanting to deny his namesake. But after the Black Day of 2010, Robert felt drawn to return to the lake, so he claimed his inheritance, built his home near the old home place and split the properties and money with his children. Joe, his oldest son, and Eve, his youngest daughter had also built homes and lived on each side of him. Paul, his middle son, was in the early stage of building his home there as well. Sandra, his oldest daughter, was his only child who hadn’t made plans to move to the lake. Billy, Robert’s youngest son had been shot in cold blood in 2005, and Mary his wife died soon after Billy’s death. Two children are born – one capable of destruction and death, the other capable of peace and life. In the balance of good and evil, which way will the scales tilt? Lanie Truitt along with her twelve year old daughter Seren, who was born with a gift to bring peace, has fled from the predators that have tracked them from Miami. Lanie is seeking sanctuary with the Faulkner family, but what Lanie doesn’t realize is they’re heading into an uncharted land where more malevolence exists than imaginable. Will the Faulkner family’s Arcanum be able to stop the force of maleficence that engulfs the lake and promises no survival for anyone on December 22, 2012 apocalypse?Felix was born with no conscience, but with powers so resilient, he is capable of changing the biological makeup of the environment…everything. Jena, his mother, has sheltered him for fear of what would happen if anyone discovered what he was. She homeschooled him and never allowed him to leave the apartment unless she was with him. Jena tried to convince herself she was protecting him, but deep down, she knew she was protecting the world from Felix. Most of the time she spent with her son were failed attempts at teaching him morals. No matter what she did, he held no shame. Her only hope was to bring Seren back into his life. As long as Seren was by Felix’s side, he only wanted to do good. When Lanie left with Seren, Felix’s anger multiplied, and she had no power to stop the hideous crimes her son committed. Jena has to leave Felix alone as she hunts for Seren, with the intention of bringing Seren back to Felix regardless of who tries to stop her; she won’t let anyone stand in her way. But Felix is tired of waiting for his mother to return, so he sets out on a deadly path to find Seren.As the evening progresses, the characters are all heading for the lake in pursuit of Lanie and Seren. As ruthless as the hunters are, their wickedness can’t compare to the evil that lies beneath the surface of the beautiful but deadly landscape. The Faulkners are surrounded by evil hearts as they gather on the cursed land. Will anyone survive as the skies split open to reign perdition onto the earth as the Mayans predicted?


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