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What Are The Requirements For A Reverse Mortgage?Have you heard of reverse mortgages? If you have, then you already know that there are plenty of benefits to them. Those that find themselves in need of funding for home improvements or medical help can often use a reverse mortgage to secure the funds that they need. This is an opportunity for many of them to get what they need without really having to pay for it. There are fees involved in the reverse mortgage that can reduce the amount that is paid to the homeowner, but in most cases, this is a small amount compared to the need that is out there.To be eligible for a reverse mortgage, you will need to be at least 62 years of age. A single homeowner can apply or a couple can. In most cases, there are no requirements for employment and no credit checks are done on those that are taking out the mortgage. Most of those that have equity in their home will be able to secure the reverse mortgage based on home ownership itself.If you still owe money on the home through a lien or mortgage, you will need to use the reverse mortgage to pay this amount off. This is a standard agreement so that the lender providing the reverse mortgage will be the one that holds the entire mortgage on the home. If the amount of the reverse mortgage is not enough to pay down the mortgage that is being held on the home, then personal savings must be used to pay it down.If the homeowners are in the process of filing bankruptcy, the process of getting a reverse mortgage may be delayed until the bankruptcy is filed and settled. This is to insure that the home is not part of the bankruptcy and that the providers of the reverse mortgage will still hold the title to the home.Is a Reverse Mortgage The Right Solution for You?Topics Covered:What Is A Reverse Mortgage?Is A Reverse Mortgage for You?What Are The Requirements For A Reverse Mortgage?How to Get Money From a Reverse MortgageReverse Mortgages and TaxesHow Much Does A Reverse Mortgage Cost?How to Secure a Reverse MortgageBenefits of a Reverse MortgageDrawbacks of a Reverse MortgageWhat Happens When A Reverse Mortgage Comes Due?


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