The Story of Jonathan Ainsley Butterworth Neil Kelliher Author
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The Story of Jonathan Ainsley Butterworth will take you back to the early 1950’s and the world as seen through the eyes of a little boy growing up in suburban America. It is not a children’s book but rather a book for adults as well as one for parents, grandparents and children to share. It will remind you how joyful childhood can be.People, grown up people that is, would often look at Jonathan, pinch his cheek, and remark, “My, what a happy child.” He didn’t mind people commenting on how happy he was, but he certainly could have done without all the cheek pinching. Jonathan, like all children, had a great imagination. In fact, he had an imagination that was bigger and better than anyone else. Jonathan could pretend to be almost anybody he wanted to be, then do almost anything he decided to do. Of course, as an only child living in a neighborhood with very few other children, this ability came in very handy as it allowed him to go to exciting places and do wonderful things no matter if he was by himself, with other children, stuck in school or trapped in a roomful of grownups. Whether it was playing with his trucks in his room, the first day of school, playing ball with his father, trick or treating on Halloween or discovering what Santa brought him on Christmas morning, every day, every minute, Jonathan saw the world around him as only he could. It was an exciting world, a world of wonder, questions and incredibly simple insights. But most of all, it was a happy world...a world we all should take the time to revisit, if only for a few hours. When you join Jonathan in his world, you may find someone there you once knew.


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