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In this field manual you will read about the many experiences the author, Anson L. Service had on his full-time two year mission. As a psychotherapist he is able to explain in very candid terms, unlike anything published before, what it is like to be a modern Mormon teenager in the church today, and how he ended up preparing for his mission despite the many pitfalls and obstacles a teenager has to avoid and endure in today’s society. This is an honest, real, and sometimes shocking detail of what mission life is like for many missionaries, including touching and humorous introspection to amazing experiences not found outside of a full-time mission. He also fast forwards to the experiences he has today where he relies on the specific skills learned as a sacred agent for the Lord and how the decisions he made as a teenager have literally saved the lives of others, have completely changed his life, and is having monumental effects on the future for thousands and even millions of people in years and decades to come. He provides invaluable insights to help the youth of the church increase their church activity, be patient with their parents and youth leaders, and most of all, remain or become worthy to serve as full-time missionaries. The author, using modern research methods, shares with the reader data showing correlations between missionary service and higher income, significantly lower divorce rates, lower addiction rates, lower stress, greater feelings of happiness, and higher education than the general population of the United States. Also included are valuable scriptural helps a missionary can use while putting into perspective the difference between Bible bashing and teaching with the spirit.In this book you will read how the author and his companion narrowly escaped deadly situations, used hidden spy surveillance equipment to stop ambushes, used a copy of The Book of Mormon to stop a mugging, and how they handled being surrounded by a motorcycle gang. Also included are details on major miracles that occurred, such as saving a young girl’s life and braving a massive storm that resulted in a baptism. You will read about kidnapping, run-ins with televangelists, boxing matches, being called on to sing and play a gospel blues solo at a Missionary Baptist church, preaching to a church congregation that was not Mormon, debates with the famed Zig Ziglar, and many other incredible experiences.Here are a few comments from readers with a sneak peek“This is an amazing story. It needs to be told!”“I wish I would have had this book before I served a mission.”“A mission is not all dinner appointments and baptisms. Mission Incredible gives a glimpse into what being a missionary can really be like with the highs and the more challenging times.”“I am excited to turn my papers in more than ever now.”


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