Street Direction Guide to Palma de Mallorca Armin Brahm Author
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This unique Street Direction Guide to City Attractions is the first e-book in a series of city explorations. It tells you the attractions to see, how to get there street by street and a description of the attraction. The e-book provides a written description where to go, where to turn and what street to enter. The Printed Version includes detailed color area maps to supplement the written directions and allows you to better orient yourself in a strange city. The printed version also provides color pictures of major attractions. This exploration guide, which will ascertain that you will reach your destination without getting lost makes corrections to poor tourist maps, mislabeled street names and the many problems a normal tourist will face in a strange city. If you can't locate the street name, follow the turn by turn directions. (e.g. take the second street to the right which is the Calle LeSeu). In addition there is a Picture DVD available, which contains 300 to 400 annimated pictures of the attractions described in this Street Direction Guide to City Attractions. These tour guides were written by a tourist walking the walk and documenting the best way to see it all without crossing the same place over and over again. There is no publication like this and a trademark application is pending.


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