How To Start a Car Detailing Business Andrew eBooks Author
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Discover tremendous and useful information inside of this book. Information such as: 13 questions to ask yourself before starting your own business. - 8 reasons to go into business for yourself (often needed for friends, family, and significant others). - How to be sure there is a market for your business before you invest the big bucks. - How to turn your competition into allied partners.- 12 questions to ask yourself about your target market. - 6 resources to start spying on your competition today. 4 ways you are going to have to deal with the government when running your business. - How many first time business owners fail to advertise properly - and how to do it right the first time. - 5 steps to proving you are trustworthy for a loan. - How to find a supplier of quality products for your detailing business. - 14 products to instantly add to your supplies list. - 97 tried and tested products to choose from - And more


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