Space Junk (Sci-fi/ action adventure) K. Rowe Author
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Space JunkBook Two of Dar’s Adventures in SpaceIf it weren’t for bad luck, freighter captain Dar Meltom would have no luck at all. Stalled by fate, and with a cargo of Jamaraian Rum, Dar is captured by Soothian pirates and pressed into slavery in the treacherous and deadly mines on the unstable planet Versith 5. He wonders what will kill him first: the mines, or the planet exploding. Princess Parnela Vischof of Kruelis, desperately wants to free her people from the barbaric and ruthless Versithians who are raping her planet of thidium—a mineral they need to survive. Her only hope is the mysterious device known as the Plexus, now stolen from the Versithians. If the device is not delivered, her planet will be laid to waste.Teamed up with Parnela, Dar uses his unique abilities to hunt down the pirates and retrieve the Plexus. Dar and Parnela face warring species, unstable planets, pirates, and their own growing attraction. But can they save their two species from extinction?Watch the book trailer here:


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