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In the Cockpit with John Travolta is the seventh volume in the Passion for Flight series. These short biographies (20,000 words or less) tell the stories of notable pilots who inspire young and old alike to take to the skies. Actor John Travolta became fascinated with flight as a young boy. He began taking flying lessons in 1970 with the money he earned from acting roles and soloed when he was 19 years old, even though he lacked confidence in his flying ability in those early years. As soon as he could, he bought his first of several airplanes, an Ercoupe. He says there’s not a thing about aviation that he doesn’t enjoy, and that has led him to give generously so that others can enjoy it as well, including donating a Canadair CL41 Tutor trainer to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a Gulfstream II to the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame. He’s qualified as captain in the Gulfstream, Lear 24, Hawker 1A, Citation I and II, Canadair Tebuan (Snowbirds), de Havilland Vampire jets, and as first officer in the Boeing 707 and 747. He’s owned all of those aircraft, except the 747. Travolta’s other aircraft have included a Douglas DC-3, a JetStar 731, and an Eclipse 500 very light jet.This approximately 5,200-word interview by Di Freeze is not meant to be a comprehensive history of John Travolta's life, although it does contains the major milestones in his acting career and aviation history.


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