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Wow , have you felt, living under a constant information overload waterfall…? This is how it usually starts, you wakeup in the morning and check the email in your phone, whichleads you to a email with a link of an article, and then the articlesends you to a couple more places …and it never ends. See, I’ve been there. Book after book, after program, then upto the latest and greatest webinar…and to even better article fromA guru.Day, after day, week after week…the cycle is viscous. See, in Forex there is no golden grail, there is no secret path. Everything that there was to be, has already happened. The only question I have is, whose advice are you following? Are you following experienced traders, that are really trading their systems,or you are following the big heads on TV and the people with the bigbook. See the material that you are about to read, is a NO BS hard coreto the bone content. NO fillers, no 40 pages on the current economic conditions. See, what the big heads are not telling you is that Forex is a huge market, but it is not controlled and centralized. As far as you are concerned Forex is as big as your broker. And if your broker is not a price maker, which is in most of the cases, you are ready to be slaughtered inthe daily news events or any other tricks the broker will play on you.See before I continue, you need to know something, you need to stop the chase of the golden calf and anchor on a solid material, like the material presented in this book. I was lucky to learn the ropes from a master in Forexin the beginning of my Forex journey. I would call him Mr X for confidentiality purposes. Mr. X responded to a newbie question in one of the broker forums, revealing the plot of the broker…From then on I knew I had to find this guy and lean what he knows. Unfortunately the broker immediately closed the tread and that trader’s free advice was no longer available. I had PM edthe guy and had his email. For me this guy was the only light in the Forex channel of broker lies and gurus fake advice. But see there was a problem…This guy was not your regular guru trader, he has been doing his routine Forex staff for 25 years and for him trading was nothing more than a mundane chore. He was bringing 25 to 30k a month on a regular bases, and was not excited to hear about me, regardless what I was offering. Eventually he agreed on a phone call and a several meetings. The guy is no longer around, but everything that learned from him is comprised in this book. So you have a choice to take this material, study it and make it your own and become a successful trader, or keep wandering in the jungle of informationoverload. Make it easy for yourself, by this book and stop the viscous cycle.I have done all the hard work for you. You are just a couple clicks away from passing over. Take a click of faith. See you on the other side.


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