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Here's How You Can Quickly & Easily Start Your Own Paid Membership Site and Watch Your Income Take Off In Just Weeks! The Days Of Free Content Are Gone - People Are Suffering From Information Overload, and They're Scrambling To Pay To Have It Delivered To Them In An Organized Manner... Dear Internet Friend, If you've ever considered starting your own member's only website, then this will be the most important letter you ever read. Here's what this is all about... If you're anything like me... you are waking up to the fact that a sleeping giant is now awakening. Subscription based membership sites are quickly becoming the easiest way for people to make a solid income online. Why? Because instead of just selling a 27 dollar eBook for a one time sale, you can continually build up a 19.95 per month (or more) membership based website that earns you a great income 24 hours a day! Running one of these sites is probably the easiest thing you could ever do, because you're teaching something that you truly enjoy (I'll show you how to choose your topic too). Best of all, there is plenty of income to be earned by providing those online with content - and only the surface has been tapped so far of this highly profitable income stream. Membership Sites Are Growing And Growing... If you've been on the Internet very long (or even a short while), you've certainly come across a paid membership site, since they are growing exponentially. And for a good reason-increasing numbers of businesses online have realized that people are willing-and eager-to pay for easy access to information that will help them. Just visit, for instance. While much of their content is free, they also have a paid membership only area that allows special access to videos and other items. And if a person wants excellent investing advice-for a fee-they will log onto (the Wall Street Journal), and pay to learn what the latest news and investment information is. But paid membership sites aren't limited to business sites! Almost every conceivable type of information today is marketable-and someone out there is willing to pay to learn what YOU know (or can provide them with). It's Much Easier Than You Think, And I'll Show You How! You don't have to be an information expert or a net guru to create a highly successful, income-producing paid membership site. And you certainly don't have to be a web development expert to create a site that has everything you need to create your own subscription site-for much, much lower startup fees than most businesses. I'll Take You Step-By-Step Through The Process Of Creating Your Own Powerful Paid Membership Site! ....And Help You Get It Up And Running Quickly! If you want to learn how to create a highly profitable, income-generating business with minimum start-up costs, this guide will teach you how. I don't leave anything to chance; instead, in this ebook, I teach you from the ground up, each step of the way, how to create an income stream from membership sites that will provide profits for years. In this course you'll learn such things as: How to build a successful membership site, including features, layout, and fonts-without spending outrageous web development fees. The top categories for paid membership sites. You'll learn which ones are 'hot' and why (including the top three, that accounted for 62% of ALL paid content revenues last year). Marketing trends: Learn what the potential income is, and most importantly, WHERE it's coming from. Success stories from top paid membership sites. You'll hear the details of those who have succeeded, and learn what makes them work (and how you can use their ideas legitimately on your own site!) How to create a business plan and model that really works. How to get feedback, and update your site to increase sales. How to successfully promote your site. You'll learn secrets that normally take thousands of dollars and years to learn and with these proven methods, your site will take off overnight! And much, much more. The Internet Is No Longer Free!... Get In On The Growing Groundswell Of Paid Internet Membership Sites! Paid membership sites, and paying for online content is growing faster than ever. Savvy entrepreneurs are taking advantage of what is now one of the hottest methods of growing income today. Fact: Growing numbers of people have indicated that they expect to PAY for content in the next few years. And consumer research is showing that Consumers are less interested in paying for online services than they are in paying for online content. This book tells you all about how you can have your own paid membership site.


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